COVID-19 Information

Brother and Sisters,

Communication and information is such an important part of us getting through this crisis. I’m sure you are all glued to the news, whether it’s on your tv or phone, I know I am. When it comes to the local union, I don’t have a platform to get information out to you, so in the interim I’ve worked with our web developer to set up this platform so I can get information out to you all in a timely fashion.  So please check this site often as I will be posting information and updates as often as I get it.

It’s important for you all to know that this virus has created an ever-changing landscape and our responses are changing just as rapidly. Just when you think you’ve developed a response for the current landscape, it shifts into a different direction. And keep in mind our responses are directed specifically for this membership and how government agencies mandates affect this membership. So with that, we are going to continually update you with our progress here on the COVID-19 page.  On a daily basis we are:

  • Communicating with the UA, other Business Managers, our legal counsel, local and state building trades, and other local union crafts to keep the flow of information as up to date as possible, and our responses as universal and consistent through these times.
  • Assessing what the “essential” jobs are and making plans to continue keeping staff available to support those jobs. Basically, the business office, TFO, and credit union will remain open as long as our members are out there working
  • Exploring all options on how to improve our situation moving forward on a variety of topics, including benefits, training, document transmission, and more.
I hope you all continue to stay safe, maintain social distancing, and follow all other preventative contamination guidelines. Keep in contact with your brother and sisters and help them out when needed, especially our retirees. And most important, stay strong for your loved ones and keep them safe through this crisis.

Fraternally yours,
Che Timmons
Business Manager