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Annual Dues Check Off Statements

Annual Dues Check Off Statements for actively working Participants are mailed each year by January 31st. These statements detail hours reported by your employer during the previous year’s contribution period. These statements include any Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions as part of the Dues Check Off allocation. Contributions to PAC should be discussed with your Tax Advisor.

  • Contact UA Local 342 for dues paid directly to UA Local 342; these amounts are NOT included in this statement.
  • Contact the UA Local you were working out of for any dues paid while working on a Travel Card (reciprocity); these amounts are NOT included in this statement.
  • Late reported hours and/or adjustments made during the contribution period may be reflected in this statement.

You should discuss all tax items with your Tax Advisor. Representatives from the Trust Fund Office or UA Local 342 are not able to assist in any interpretations for tax liabilities.

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates
Wednesday, March 27th
Wednesday, June 19th
Thursday, September 5th
Wednesday, December 11th 

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Credit Union (CU)

The Collective Bargaining Agreements provide for a Credit Union deduction (CU) for Active UA members. The CU is deducted from your paycheck and remitted to the Trust Fund Office by your employer. The Trust Fund Office then transfers the CU contributions to the UA Credit Union once per month, generally on the first business day.

For Example: If you work during the month of January, those contributions (including CU) are due to the Trust Fund Office in late February and then transferred to the UA Credit Union in March. As a result, please be aware that your CU contributions may not be available in your UA Credit Union account for approximately 45-60 days after the original deduction from your employer.

Please Note: CU contributions are transferred based on the date they are received at the bank depository from your employer. Hours are reported based on each employer’s payroll cut off cycle and may not include all hours worked in a calendar month.
Deductions are designated in flat dollar amounts and range from $1.00 to $5.00 per hour. If you are interested in a Credit Union deduction, contact UA Local 342 for an application to enroll.