UA 342 Training

Training Classes

The following are examples of the classes that are offered by the UA Local 342 JATC.  These classes and more are taught to our apprentices as well as journeyman members.

New construction, installation, service and repair of plumbing systems, water and gas piping, and fixtures in homes, commercial enterprises, and other institutions

Backflow Prevention & Cross-Connection
Control Service, repair, and certification to protect water purity and public health

Welding & Orbital Welding
Shielded metal arc and tungsten inert gas welding; soldering and brazing; computerized welding for high
purity systems

Plastic Pipe Fusion
Bead and crevice-free, socket, butt and infrared jointing

Industrial Instrumentation
Installation and maintenance of modern high-tech instrumentation and control systems

High Purity Process Piping Systems
For micro-electronic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes

Computer Skills
The basics of computer operation and CAD drawing; computerized energy management systems and direct digital controls

Drafting & Mechanical Drawing
Advanced plan reading and related drawing; materials identification and takeoff

Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation
Installation, service, repair and refrigerant recovery and recycling; pneumatic & electronic building automation controls; air and water balance; and centrifugal water chillers; design, operation and controls of various mechanical systems

Medical Gas
Installation, service and repair of systems that provide life-giving oxygen and other gases to hospital patients

Steam Technology
Testing and troubleshooting steam and hydronic systems; boiler installation and controls

Indoor Air Quality
Maintaining health and safety for building occupants

Customer Service/Safety
Interpersonal and communication skills; project management; health and safety codes; Plumbing Code;
Mechanical Code; Fire Protection Code; chemical safety; hazard communications; CPR & first aid