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Published on Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Out of Work List

Members who need to register on the Out-Of-Work List may either visit our office in person or do so electronically.
If you plan to visit our office, please come during normal office hours, Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm. Please bring a copy of your termination notice and be reminded that all visitors entering our building must use a facial covering and maintain social distancing.
If you are a UA 342 member and would like to register electronically, we require a copy of the Termination Notice completed by the employer. Please contact the Business Office at 925-686-5880 to request a Sign-In Form or email a request to

 IMPORTANT NOTE: When completing the Sign-In Form, there is an option to be placed on the Not Available List for members who wish to register on the Out-of-Work list, but are not immediately available for work. If you check yes, you will remain on the Not Available List until you submit a subsequent request in writing to requesting to be returned to the applicable active Out-Of-Work List. While you are on the Not Available List, you will NOT be called regarding dispatch opportunities.  If you check no, you will be placed on the applicable active Out-of-Work list as usual and called for work in accordance with hiring hall procedures. Attention Apprentices, the JATC Office will be notified if you are placed on the Not Available List.

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